Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Telecasts of Hans Adler Solo, Duet and Two Harpsichord music and an interview with SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation)

Hear Hans Adler on Radio Recordings:

*H.A. discusses his collection with the South African Broadcasting 
Corporation (SABC) and plays a short phrase on three instruments.  

*Johann Sebastian Bach: Two Inventions, B flat major and A minor, for harpsichord played by Hans Adler  -  SABC.  

*Johann Christian Bach: Rondo  from Sonata in F major,  Harpsichord 4 hands (duet) played by Hans Adler and Jose Rodrigues Lopez - SABC. 

*Johann Sebastian Bach: Two Inventions, F major and A major, for  harpsichord played by Hans Adler  - SABC.

* Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata in D minor for harpsichord played by 
Hans Adler - SABC.  

* Johann Christian Bach: Sonata in G major for two harpsichords, played by Hans Adler and Isabelle Nef  (Radio Geneve)  
1. Allegro
        2. Minuet        

*Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Andante in A minor duet played by Hans Adler and 
Jose Rodrigues Lopez - SABC.  

*Musette de Choici for two harpsichords, Hans Adler and Isabelle Nef  
(Radio Geneve) by F Couperin